Robert de Hartog - Biography

Robert de Hartog

Related Professional Experience

  • Ottawa Police Service - Retired (1973-2003)
  • Certified Instructor for DDC (Defensive Driving Course)
  • Certified Instructor for "55 Alive"
  • Certified Instructor - Canada Safety Council
  • Certified Instructor - Ontario Safety League
  • Para-Transpo Defensive Driving Instructor (On a contractual basis)
  • West-Way Taxi Defensive Driving Instructor(On a contractual basis)
  • I am also a Driver Trainer/Supervisor with Priority Patient Transfer Service ( P.P.T.S. ), an Ottawa based non urgent care patient transfer service.
  • Carefor Health and Community Services (Pembroke) Defensive Driving Instructor (On a contractual basis)
  • The Ontario Provincial Court System - Remedial Driving Instruction and Training

My former career in policing has provided experience in safety issues, personal fitness, coaching and security. Through my extensive career in the Law Enforcement field, I've achieved skills to teach, mentor and coach individuals into a mindset that will enable them to achieve and maintain a positive ATTITUDE towards driving safely.

I believe that when Integrity and Safety are joined together, they form the Solution to achieve the goal of effective Defensive Driving.

I have the knowledge and practical experience to make you a better driver, and perhaps prevent you from "learning the hard way."

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