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Driving is a privilege. It's an enjoyable activity which requires a high degree of responsibility. If improperly managed, driving can be an activity resulting in danger and even death. Every year tragic reports are circulated of high-school students, friends, loved ones and innocent children becoming seriously injured or even killed in motor vehicle collisions. Prevention is the first and only proactive step. All other steps are responsive and occur after the fact. Perhaps becoming proficient in the first place might prevent you from wishing for that impossible "second chance."

Integrity Safety Solutions prides itself on Prevention. For more information, or to find our how we can help you, please contact us at your convenience.

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It's About Changing Attitudes

Most individuals caught breaking traffic laws are actually really nice and responsible everyday people. Sometimes, there is a lack of knowledge to appreciate the consequences of something going wrong when employing a particular driving action. Inexperience is a major factor in collisions. Inexperience means more than just the novice driver. Inexperience includes never being in a car crash to appreciate the damage an accident can really do to people and property.

We experience many emotions and conditions. Euphoria, sadness, anger, fear, happiness, sickness, and depression are just some of life's many phases and experiences. What is essential to know is that regardless of feelings, --good, bad or indifferent, once we turn on the ignition and set a vehicle in motion, our state of mind dictates how we drive. Sound technical skills are just a part of the safe driving equation. Our emotionality becomes the real driver.

At Integrity Safety Solutions, our goal is prevention. It's our opinion the bare minimum knowledge to pass a driving exam is not enough. Accident avoidance and a clean driving record contibute to overall road and traffic safety. They also contribute to low insurance rates.

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